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Analyst Relationship


StraTechy has a rich track record in exposing Hi-Tech vendors to leading industry analysts worldwide, such as Gartner, Forrester, IDC etc.

Our methodology helped small vendors in reaching international recognition through excellent analyst reviews and optimized scoring 

  • Linking our customers to leading industry analysts
  • Coaching management teams in workign witht industry analysts
  • Building a winning story, including Roadmap based on the vendor's competences, market trends, competitors and the analyst view of the market
  • Pinpointing and emphasizing differentiators during the briefing
  • Maintaining personal relationship with the analysts and scheduling and periodical briefing
  • Building sponsored case studies and white papers in cooperation with the analyst
  • Hiring analysts for participating in vendor's webinars and conferences
  • Materializing the ultimate goal of being positively mentioned in analyst reports and Magic Quadrants.




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