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Start-Up Package

Is it for you?

You have a product or semi-product, good story; you are in stage of going after raising a fund or your first or second sale. However you spent most of your time and energy building the product and proofing the concept. You are ready to expose your product. However, you are missing the business side. The product is not ready before the business side is ready.


Challenges you face

Your challenge is to look and act professional and credible in a very short term;

Professional collateral, web site, case study, logo, presentation, sales pitch, benchmark
Professional proposal management, answering bid, offering a commercial and technical proposal that WINS

  • Preparing a winning demo
  • Showing solid ROI calculation
  • Partnering with local or global partners to show credibility
  • Right sales channels in the right geography
  • Build a professional social presence; blog, linked-in forums, facebook, e-books
  • Solid methodology to manage complex sales and develop killer instinct 
  • Lead qualification procedure to avoid wasting your time
  • Analyst relationship to build credibility
  • Solid and credible Pricing strategy
  • Competition analysis, why should the customer chose you? what are your unique differentiators? What is your pitch?
  • What are your prospects objections? And how to handle them? What will your competitors say about you?
  • Lead generation plan and execution
  • You need to find an answer: Quick Cost effective Credible and high quality


What we can do

We study your needs and the stage you are at. Based on the finding, we can prioritize the activities based on the critical gaps. We will provide you in a short term, cost-effective and very high quality answer to all the above challenges.




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