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Sales Acceleration Package

Is it for you?


You have a reasonably mature product, marketing and sales team. You have leads and revenues. The market of your product is growing, however your competition is growing too, and your sales are not succeeding in reaching the market potential and are losing ground to your competitors. This is a very critical time, since this is the money time, where you are supposed to establish market leadership


Challenges you face


You are facing more and more external and internal pressure regarding the size and quality of your pipeline. Your pipeline is not growing, or not progressing to the next stages. Your win-ratio is not high or you are not getting enough leads. 


What we can do


We developed a packages where provide our customers with end-to-end support for increasing the leads and sales, depending on where the sales organization is stuck

  • Sales training / coaching for winning Complex sales to increase your win ratio
  • Lead generation through latest tools and methodologies of inbound marketing
  • Lead generation through outbound marketing and cold calling
  • Closing strategic alliances with global players
  • Business development through local and global channels and agents

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