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StraTechy is a leading Business development and International Marketing organization specialized in Maximizing revenues for Hi-Tech Enterprises through proven methodologies in building partnerships, Strategic marketing and sales Training methodologies

Sales training

Increase your sales results and improve your sales performance substantially by working according to proven methodologies. Systematic review of Opportunities, including identifying and influencing decision makers, coping with objections and continuous measurement of Indicators on various aspects of sales performance, such as lead generation, opportunities, qualifications and conversions


Business Development

Our professionals have extensive experience in the field of international businesses in Europe. From market research to legal advice, from the development of a business model to the design of brands and products, from business strategies to human resources. We provide our international clients with the following services:

  • Developing and executing Go-to-market strategy
  • Creating sound Business plan, aimed at maximizing ROI
  • Outsourced sales for cost-effectively identifying opportunities
  • Initiating co-operations between our clients and local and global system integrators and OEM agreements with major European and global vendors

International marketing

Start-up enterprises are facing difficulties exposing themselves to partners, analysts and prospect customers. Over the last 2 decades, we helped our customers build cost effective international marketing activities through positioning, social networks,  competitive product strategy aligned to the specific markets and a lead generation strategy.


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